Our Vietnamese Manager, Thuy, and new Melbourne resource person, Rachael,  meet two of the University students from Minh Hac, in Hanoi.


Sponsors can adopt a child and support them through school for A$500 a year. The commitment is to see them through secondary school or until they exit the education system.

There are three special cases in the Primary School identified by teaching staff as requiring support and there are three children identified by the Minh Hac People's Committee as needing support.

If you can help, even by part-funding a student, email <rowanmcclean@gmail.com> and arrangements will be made.  Why not join with family, friends, work colleagues or neighbours to support a needy child?

The other wish list items are shown on the priorities page of this site.

Additional untied funding can be used for computers, school supplies and books, all of which can be purchased very economically in Hanoi. Brand new bicycles cost between $100 and $150.

We want to contribute to health improvements through better health facilities, and trial community development ideas that have emerged from local discussions.


All donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to contribute to any of these initiatives, or make an unspecified donation and require a tax deductible receipt, go to <RAWCS.org.au> and use the quick process using Project number 71 of year 2009-2010 and then just fill in your details.  A receipt will be used as soon as the funds are cleared.

If you do not require tax deductibility, just send a cheque to OKF at P.O. Box 200 Kew East Vic 3102 or an electronic payment to BSB 313-140 Account 2319 2742 using your name as the description.

If you have any difficulties with electronic payments, please feel free to contact Rowan McClean, Managing Trustee, on 0412 966 066 or contact him at <rowanmcclean@gmail.com>. 

The Trustees and Advisory Board members, on behalf of the children and people of Minh Hac, are very grateful for the support being provided by Australians to these projects and are really proud of what we have been able to achieve to date.

Our partnerships with Rotary and local communities are proving to be invaluable.

Without the support of our generous sponsors, the assistance we provide would not be possible.  


Thuy needs a sponsor to help her complete secondary school.  Can you help her?

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