Anh is quite a common name in Vietnam.  This is Nguyen Thi Hong Anh.  She is 14 years old, and we first showed her a few years ago on this website.

Anh lost her mother when she was very young, her father is alive but does not live near Minh Hac, and he  rarely sees her and  provides no support.  

She had lived with her grandmother  but she passed away last year, so Anh is now living alone.  Until sponsored she had to earn enough money to feed herself and her grandmother on a daily basis.  This often meant that she could not get to school.

We are showing her as an example of the value of supported development. Here she is proudly displaying her distinction certificate from school, with OKF Vietnam Operations Manager Thuy (a real mother figure to community children) in the background.

Anh's house was flimsy with rattan walls that let in the rain and wind.  Her sponsor has funded a new solid house, built by local artisans with her input. The photos below show the new house.

This young girl has excellent potential, and we will monitor her progress, through education, to a new life.

The visiting team inspect Anh's new home, which is solid brick with concrete rendering and a tin roof.  Most roofs in Minh Hac and similar communities are cement sheeting and, if they are not non-asbestos sheeting material, represent a major health risk for residents.

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