OKF teams regularly meet with Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials in Viet Tri,  Phu Tho Province.  

MOFA have displayed trust in OKF by referring us to the two additional needy communities in the Province.  We have responded and expect to have support programs in place for them early in 2019.

Overseas Kids Foundation is a Charitable Trust registered in Melbourne with three Trustees,  Rowan McClean (Management Consultant),  Michael Gorton (Solicitor) and Penny Evans (Social Worker).

The Advisory Board consists of six supporters:  Rowan McClean (Chair), Rachael Nguyen, Dr. Max Hardy, Paul Dillon  Imre Lele and Scott Pepin.

We are delighted that Rachael (Trang) Nguyen was also able to join us on visits in 2016 and 2017.  Born in Hanoi, Rachael now lives in Melbourne and has been overseeing our accounts and probono audit with PKF Lawler for the last few years. She knows our operation well, and has left the public accounting firm but is assisting OKF in Melbourne with financial and management input.


In Vietnam, the counterpart group for the Minh Hac project was established in 2008 with ex-diplomat Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dai as our country representative.  The group is now known as Overseas Kids Foundation Vietnam, and it consists of the Tam family in Hanoi and some friends from Minh Hac, and leaders in the assisted communities.

Rotary International has not yet been invited to establish chapters in Vietnam and this, plus other local operating restrictions, encouraged us to seek in-country NGO status for OKF. This was granted at the beginning of the April quarter of 2013 after considerable work in Australia and Vietnam. In Vietnam, the work of Nguyen Minh Thuy and Mr. Hieu of PACCOM to guide this process through the steps required, is vey much appreciated by the Board and Trustees of OKF.  The obtaining of working permits helps us considerably in our efforts deliver future assistance to people in need in Phu Tho Province and has enabled our visits.

OKF needs to review its registration by March 2019.

Government Officials of Phu Tho Province have offered us unqualified support as we progress our relationships and activities in Vietnam.  

The OKF Trustees and Advisory Board members are very satisfied with the level of financial control being exercised by OKF Vietnam and, through maintaining a voluntary operation, an assurance can be given to donors that their contributions will go to the children and specified community projects they support.  Although they are not required by legislation, audits are conducted both in Australia and in Vietnam as a means of risk management control. In an excellent initiative by our partners, a voucher system has been introduced in the Minh Hac community which minimises the need to use cash, and enables OKF Vietnam to securely pay accounts for school supplies and food.

In another welcome development, we have been able to arrange for an Australian dollar account in Hanoi with Techcombank in the name of Overseas Kids Foundation.  This will greatly facilitate the transfer of funds, which has been at times difficult and time-consuming.


Supporting Rotary clubs are utilising the payment and management systems established by OKF and, through Rotary Australia World Community Service, individual sponsorships and donations remain tax deductible.  

Rotary is critical to the work of OKF in Vietnam, and it is thought that longer-term education and sponsorships will be the focus for OKF in future with Rotary overseeing discrete projects.  

It is hoped that Rotary International will be invited to set up a Chapter in Hanoi soon.  

We are continuing to search for the physical means and regulation flexibilities that would enable charitable donations of goods to be shipped into Vietnam via Rotary's Donations In Kind operation without excessive obstacles and charges, as can be done to many other countries that benefit from that type of assistance.

Rachael, her father and her grandparents such with the OKF/Rotary team members before their return to Australia.  Cross-country relationships such as this are of great value to the needy communities and toboth countries.

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