The main priorities for future assistance are identified through a consultation process with community leaders. Their wish-lists are then prioritised and items supplied when funding is available.  The lists are long, and that is what we need your help!


One of our major findings, which had not been evident before, was that there are 30 children in just one community denied access to Kindergarten because of their poor financial situations. In checking with the Kinder, there is the capacity to accommodate them so we acted immediately to get them into the education system using untied funds donated by OKF sponsors.

The Minh Hac kindergarten has also been supplied funds for the purchase of a food processor and two rice cookers.  The kindergartens in the three other communities have similar needs, together with  mattresses, furniture and assistance to commence small-scale food growing.

Primary Schools

Needs have only been partially met for furniture, a library, fans and AVTV equipment. English language training through assistance from Balwyn High School and MLC is underway, but volunteer teachers would be useful in future. Ceiling mounted digital projectors,  photocopiers, and speakers for public address systems are other needs.

Secondary School 

We have provided some, but wall fans are needed in all classrooms. There is an urgent  need for proper toilet facilities in the schools.

Health Clinic

 The doctors in charge  have compiled lists of needs which the Rotary clubs will endeavour to meet.

Community Projects

New initiatives that will provide employment and provide earnings from external sources are needed and are being explored with community leaders.

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